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Because it’s not a roof, it’s home


Roofing OKC and Oklahoma is our passion.  We understand than when you need a roof repaired it can be a daunting thought.  However, with 15 years of high quality roofing experience, we guarantee that your roof repairs will be seem-less and enjoyable.  All to often roofing contractors in Oklahoma City and it's surrounding areas are fly-by-night companies.  This means that once your roof is on-they are gone.  

     At Elite Craftsman Construction, we take pride in handling 95% of the claims process for you.  After you file the initial claim, we can handle all the rest!  So don't waste your time searching endlessly for roofing companies in Oklahoma.  Rest easy knowing that you are making the right choice in allowing us to protect your home.  Don’t  let an out of state or huge roofing conglomerate leave you with a headache and regret.  Remember, roofing Oklahoma is all we ever will do.  Contact us today!

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Most Hail Damage is Small

Did you know most hail damage can’t be seen from the ground?  Even small hail damage the size of a fingertip will cause roof leakage that often doesn’t show up visibly for months or even years.  

How to Know if Your Roof Needs Replaced

*    Water spots on the walls or ceilings.

*     Damp, rotted areas on the roof.

*     Missing shingles.

*     Shingles that are stained, peeling, curling, or buckling.


Satisfaction​​ Guaranteed!  We Actually Mean Guaranteed!

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