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Due to excessive insurance claims, insurance companies are dramatically reducing your roof coverage.  Most people are unaware of this.  Call us today today to schedule your 100% FREE roof tune-up! to make sure your roof is good to go for spring.  Call today or leave us your info! 405-237-5617


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3% CLUB and Proud Of It!

Did you know that GAF is the leading manufacture for roofing products and only 3% of roofing companies are GAF certified.  With over 1,000 roofs installed you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Don’t trust a fly-by-night company for your roof repairs.  Contact us today!  

         “I am very happy, my roof looks good, my electric bill went way down. I cannot say enough about Elite Craftsman Construction- they truly lives up to their name.”

-Jeff C. (Yelp Review)


6905 W. Wilshire Blvd

OKC, OK 73122



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